Housekeeping Services PhoenixAs the leader in healthy housekeeping services, Northside Floor Care is the first cleaning service to not just clean, yet actually disinfect surfaces in which viruses, bacteria, and germs linger the most! At present, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is suggesting the use of hospital-grade, standard disinfectant to assist in protecting from the spread of dangerous viruses. Our business uses two products (1) safe disinfecting solution and (2) decontaminate and degrease surfaces at every household we clean. Those products have proven effectiveness against several small non-enveloped viruses on non-porous, hard surfaces.

Complete Commercial and Home Disinfection with:

Fight odor, mold/mildew, flu, and colds with our products from Northside Floor Care. Our products disinfect by destroying germs on contact as the electrostatic mist wraps around objects and surfaces for 360 degree coverage. There isn’t any need for toxic chemicals which may harm you, the environment, or your belongings.

Commercial Disinfection and Cleaning

Similar to your household, having a disinfected and clean office space is critical to your overall health. We are able to bring our disinfection and cleaning equipment to commercial work places and offer our disinfection directly at the workspace. Keep Northside Floor Care in mind for all of your commercial disinfection and cleaning needs. Call us to learn more today!

• Daycares/Schools
• Gyms/Fitness Studios
• Restaurants
• Large or Small Offices

Concentrate on Your Life, And Not Your Cleaning Routine

When you put your trust in Northside Floor Care for all of your housekeeping needs, you will be shocked by how much time you have to appreciate your day-to-day life in the Phoenix area. At Northside Floor Care, we are committed to getting your house looking fantastic by giving it all of the attention it deserves.

Northside Floor Care: Who We Are

At Northside Floor Care of Phoenix, we are more than merely a service company—we are a family.

For more details on our housekeeping services contact Northside Floor Care in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 799-6508.

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