Natural Stone CleaningMaintaining the appearance of your residential natural stone tile may be challenging. When correctly taken care of, natural stone tile provides homeowners a gorgeous appearance—yet damaging, rough cleaning and sealing techniques might mar your precious tile.

No worries! At Northside Floor Care, our attentive, knowledgeable professionals use gentle techniques and premier products that restore your natural stone tile’s attractiveness.

Whether the tile is travertine, granite, or marble, we will transform all of your natural stone surfaces to a well-maintained, lovely look to be proud of.

Transform and Protect Your Natural Stone

Keeping all of your high-end stone tile shiny and clean ensures that your natural stone looks impressive and luxurious for years into the future. And even though natural stone is durable, the surface still requires careful attention to keep its sheen and beauty over a period of time.

Without the right care, travertine, granite and marble might lose their attractiveness because of:

• Scratches and etches
• Water rings and spots
• Yellowing
• Stains
• Loss of luster
• High foot traffic
• Wear and tear

Professional care by experts is a time-saving, cost-effective, and simple method of ensuring your natural stone keeps its beauty.

Professional Care Which Enhances and Protects Natural Stone

Northside Floor Care gives professional restoration, cleaning, repair, and sealing work for a number of luxury tiles, which includes:
• Travertine
• Marble
• Granite
• Other high-end stones

Our team cares for any area within the Phoenix, AZ area which uses luxury stone, like:

• Fireplaces
• Showers
• Backsplashes
• Countertops
• Floors

Premiere Time-Tested Services and Products

Among the Northside Floor Care services that we offer include:

• Polishing and cleaning dull surfaces in order to restore their lustrous glow
• Removing water rings and stains, which revives the attractiveness of your tile
• Sealing and protecting your travertine, marble, or granite for long-range performance

For more details on our natural stone cleaning services contact Northside Floor Care in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 799-6508.

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