Stain Removal PhoenixLet’s be honest, no matter how diligently we attempt to keep things from spilling onto our flooring they just do. Whether it is your cat or dog who could not wait to go for a walk or child who knocked over a glass of grape juice or even red wine spilled at a celebration, stains and spots are simply a part of life, hence stain protection and removal services is necessary.

Depending upon the type and age of carpet you have, having an excellent protector applied to carpeting and grout allows time for a spot or spill to be absorbed with a towel because of the beading impact and surface tension they’ll create, which gives you time to wipe up the mess. If there isn’t any protector on the surface, oftentimes depending on what’s spilled, the fibers in the carpet or grout lines are going to absorb the spill, which makes it extremely challenging to remove.

There are great consumer goods available in the market that may assist in removing the stain, yet be cautious of products which are bleach-based or soap-based, because they might cause more spotting later or permanently take the dye out of the grout or carpet.

We will apply a protector after the next cleaning to provide you the protection needed. If you have a stain or spot that will not come out of the tile & grout or carpet our regular cleaning typically gets them out.

If it’s a challenging stain from wine, coffee, kool-aid, blood, crayons, lipstick, or markers we commonly must apply special chemistry to the stain in order to extract it for an extra charge. Not every stain can be extracted and damage to the carpet fibers referred to as shading can’t be removed.

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