Phoenix Upholstery CleaningAre you searching for trustworthy upholstery cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ? Actually locating an expert upholstery cleaner service may be very challenging in Phoenix. To be honest, it does not take a lot more than a website nowadays to call yourself a pro. But, a real expert upholstery cleaner has been expertly trained in the art of fabric identification and upholstery cleaning. Making the decision to get your couch expertly cleaned is an investment in a sofa’s longevity.

At Northside Floor Care we specialize in caring for all types of upholstered fabrics. However, some fabrics are a lot more challenging to clean and involve a good amount of risk. One great example of this is velvet and silk couches. Such sofas easily can be damaged by an upholstery cleaner service.

Correct identification of fibers and understanding the limitations of expert couch cleaning is extremely important. The majority of upholstery cleaners merely go in your home and spray the piece and begin to clean. At Northside Floor Care we pre-inspect your fabric and decide the best cleaning method.

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ

Hiring the proper upholstery cleaning company for your home may be very difficult. How will you know who you should hire? How will you separate the pros from the company that has very little experience? At Northside Floor Care we suggest reading our reviews on Google.

The issue is that even recommendations and reviews might not be sufficient. Hiring a company that has liability insurance is critical. Some furniture pieces are extremely expensive and may be damaged if improperly cleaned. Hiring a business that has insurance will offer that extra protection level from those which are fly-by-night.

Our Northside Floor Care team is professionally trained and highly rated. We clean synthetic fibers, natural fibers, and leather upholstery.

The Process of Upholstery Cleaning

We begin the process of cleaning with a full pre-inspection of your upholstery. Once the recliner, ottoman, chair or sofa is inspected we’ll vacuum then treat the item using the most suitable cleaning solution.

Our services employ a fine fabric shampoo that’s safe for all kinds of upholstery from synthetic pieces to natural fibers. Then, we steam clean and remove the grime using an all fiber rinse. This all fiber rinse neutralizes the pH and keeps the fabric from quickly resoiling. After cleaning we’ll treat all remaining stains using a process of post spotting.

When the cleaning is done we provide fabric stain protection that helps keep the upholstery in its best shape even longer.

When the process of cleaning is done and the upholstery protection gets applied, it takes around 2 to 4 hours for the upholstery to fully dry. For quicker drying times turn on a ceiling fan and a heater.

Do you want to hire real upholstery cleaning pros? Reach out to the professionals at Northside Floor Care. They’ve been trained by the IICRC in upholstery cleaning for all kinds of fine fabrics.

For more information on our upholstery cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ, please feel free to get in touch with Northside Floor Care at (602) 799-6508 today!

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