Northside Floor Care: Carpet Cleaning Services in Mesa

mesa arizona mapNorthside Floor Care prides itself on providing courteous, affordable, and quality carpet cleaning services in the Mesa, AZ area. Our experienced carpet cleaning staff has the technology, skills, and equipment to get your carpeting as clean as possible. Our carpet cleaning professionals are trained in full-service floor care, the chemistry of stain and spot removal, and keeping updated on cleaning recommendations by the manufacturer.

We Offer A Stress-Free Cleaning Experience 

Our certified techs will reach your home or place of business in uniform, on time, and greet you with a smile on their face.

​Having service contractors in your residence or place of business should not be stressful and our aim includes making your experience a pleasurable one. Our techs will review and measure the spaces (traffic areas, whole rooms, or a combination) you’d like cleaned, taking note of heavily soiled patterns of traffic, odors, or spots you might have concerns about.

Then, we’ll start by pre-treating spots and heavily soiled spaces to loosen up tough, embedded soil. To offer the most thorough cleaning we can, we’ll use a fabric rinse in the process of removal to neutralize the pre-spray, and then extract the soil and all of the residue from prior cleanings. The carpet will be left smelling fresh, feeling soft, and deep down clean! A powerful duel-blower vacuum system ensures an ultra-fast drying time. A lot of carpets can dry in only four hours!

Steam Cleaning Is A Lot More Sanitary Than Other Techniques

vacuuming dirt on carpetAs indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the typical person may be found inside of their office space or home at least 90% of the time. So, it’s important that harmful indoor pollutants be regularly removed. There are a number of techniques to use when removing allergens and dirt, but they do not always yield the same outcome.

Steam cleaning carpeting is the best alternative to that old ‘shampoo method’. Customers will benefit better when steam and hot water are used. Steam cleaning carpeting uses equipment that shoots water into the carpet fibers to remove built-up debris.

The heated application assists in reducing any mites, germs, bacteria, and other existing toxins. The level of moisture that is applied can easily be controlled depending on the surface that’s worked on to not damage any underlying material. Then, the excessive water, in addition to the trapped dirt, is eliminated using the suction element of the equipment. The depth with which the method treats not only decreases dangerous allergens, it also improves the overall lifespan and appearance of the carpeting. One extra benefit to steam cleaning carpeting is the minimization of chemicals that are present in the process. Plus, there’s less opportunity of dangerous residues contaminating the environment indoors, allowing the air to stay clean and healthy for all occupants.

If Northside Floor Care Cannot Get The Stain Out, No One Can

northside floor care mapThere are many differences between carpet cleaning businesses. Any carpet cleaning company can drag a wand across a carpet; however, that isn’t all it will take to clean your carpet. In fact, you could possibly rent a rug doctor from the grocery store and get lots of dirt out of the carpet. However, there is a huge difference between a rug doctor and our competition. There’s an even greater difference between our competition and Northside Floor Care. We’ve cleaned lots of carpet behind our competition, and our clients were shocked by how much cleaner our team got it. Not to mention how disappointed they were by how much stains and dirt our competition left behind. When asked, “Will you guarantee that you will get all of the stains out?” We replied, “We guarantee that if we cannot get them out, no one can.” Our team looks forward to showing you the exact difference between pushing a wand across the dirty carpeting and thoroughly cleaning it.

Friendly Carpet Cleaning Professionals Serving Mesa, AZ 

We have been in business for over a decade with the highest certified techs in Mesa, AZ. We’re a residential and commercial carpet cleaning business that focuses on customer service, and we strive to put a smile on all of our customer’s faces.

Northside Floor Care stands apart from the competition in several ways– two of the most critical being superior customer service and exceptional quality.

​Exceptional Quality: As you choose a professional for any of the services we offer, you are looking for peace of mind that not just will the job get done, but it’ll get done correctly the first time. On that note, it is possible to be confident knowing that Northside Floor Care will leave you fully satisfied upon our completion of work. Not only does our team have the best equipment available with the most recent technological advances, but our team is also highly trained and well educated in the correct techniques and knowledge of the industry. This, along with our over a decade of industry experience, ensures high-quality work.

Superior Customer Service: To Northside Floor Care, customer service is more than how the techs treat you during a service call. It all starts with your initial call to our business line, in which you’ll be greeted by a senior staff member or owner with plenty of knowledge to answer all concerns or questions you might have about the carpet cleaning service you’re requesting.

Customer service will continue with a courtesy email or text the day prior to the scheduled visitation, which reminds you of the appointment.  On the day of the appointment, we’ll strive to continuously provide you exceptional customer service through our knowledgeable techs who will make you a priority.

They’ll be kind and courteous as they care for your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Our team goes above and beyond to accomplish 100% satisfaction on every job.  However, after the work is done, our job isn’t complete. We’ll follow up a couple of days afterward with you to ensure that you are as pleased and happy as we’d hoped you were, and check how we can continually make you happy in the future.

For details on our carpet cleaning services in Mesa, AZ, get in touch with one of our friendly service representatives at Northside Floor Care today! Call us for a FREE quote at (602) 799-6508.


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