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paradise valley arizona mapParadise Valley is in Maricopa County, AZ, and a Phoenix suburb. It’s the wealthiest municipality in Arizona. It’s notorious for its shopping, luxury golf courses, restaurant scene, and real estate. The population of Paradise Valley was 12,658, according to the 2020 census

When its business owners or residents are in need of professional carpet cleaning services, they usually call on Northside Floor Care. Our satisfied business and residential customers keep coming back and referring other customers to us, which has kept us in business for over 10 years!

For over 10 years, Northside Floor Care in Paradise Valley, AZ  has been the leading carpet cleaning company residents and business owners trust to provide the top carpet cleaning service in town.

Our carpet cleaning services remove an average of 94 percent of common allergens in the household. Even our cleaning solution is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Safer Choice cleaning product, meaning it’s safe for you, the environment, and your pets. Put plainly, a carpet cleaning from Northside Floor Care will leave your residence or place of business healthier and cleaner.

Our cleaning service will use a proprietary hot water removal cleaning technique. It’s often referred to as “steam carpet cleaning,” even though we don’t really use steam to clean. That method of cleaning enables us to effectively remove odors, spots, and dirt, without having to leave behind residue. Therefore, when you have to have a professional handle your carpet cleaning, get in touch with Northside Floor Care, the best carpet cleaner in Paradise Valley, AZ.

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  • Pre-Spray Breaks Soiling Down: To begin the process, we’ll apply a pre-spray solution that assists in safely removing stubborn spills and spots. With our team’s advanced formula, it also dries faster, smells fresher, and cleans better.
  • Remove Allergens and Embedded Dirt: We remove allergens, soiling, and dirt using EPA Safer Choice certified products. That means we won’t leave behind any harmful residue; therefore, it is safer for pets and family. We are also data-backed to extract on average 94 percent of common allergens in the carpet of your household.
  • Powerful Outcome Using Our Proprietary Equipment: Our team cleans with proprietary cleaning equipment that is engineered at our own centers. With continual innovation, we accomplish quality control and provide the best outcome we can for your carpet.


  • Prolong the Life of Your Carpet Cleaning: To prolong the life of your home or office’s carpet cleaning, our team will apply a protector that helps prevent damage from harmful spills and dirt. It also decreases static electricity.
  • Enjoy an Increase in Durability: Besides spills and dirt, our carpet protector even defends against daily wear and tear such as vacuuming and foot traffic.
  • Must-Have For Pets and Kids: Adding a carpet protector is an excellent method of preserving the outcome of every carpet cleaning; however, we especially advise it to the ones who have pets and children.


  • Neutralize Smells From Children and Pets: From kids to food to pets, your house is filled with smells that may become lodged in your carpet fibers. That is why we suggest a carpet deodorizer application.
  • Do Not Mask Carpet Odors. Instead, Remove Them.: Our deodorizer reacts to remove smells, instantly neutralizing carpet smells at their source, instead of just covering up the odor.
  • Fresh Start For Your House: Our carpet deodorizer application will leave your carpet smelling clean and fresh, which makes your whole house feel renewed.

How Northside Floor Care Cleans Carpet

  1. Our cleaning team will begin by inspecting all of the rooms you need cleaned and discuss the process of carpet cleaning with you.
  2. Next, we’ll move as much of your furniture as we can.
  3. We begin our carpet cleaning process by spot treating all spaces needing additional attention.
  4. Then, our team uses a patented carpet cleaning machine to clean deeply. The machines pump warm water into the carpet to release all dirt that is deep inside the fibers and remove the water and the dirt.
  5. The impactful suction of our cleaning machine extracts a substantial bit of water so the carpet will dry in a matter of hours.
  6. Lastly, we’ll do an inspection to ensure that you’re satisfied with your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Irrespective of the type or size of your business, we will help extend your carpet’s life and keep it appearing new for longer.

Our team’s commercial carpet cleaners use the same patented cleaning procedure as our residential carpet cleaning service. We’ll use hot water removal to pump water into the carpet to release all dirt deep inside the fibers and remove the hot water while we remove the dirt.

Also, you have the choice to add on any of the following services to your cleaning: carpet protector, carpet deodorizer, and spot treatment.

Will You Move My Furniture When You Clean My Carpet?

Yes, we’ll move most of your furniture. There isn’t any fee to move furniture and we’re trained to move it. After the carpet cleaning is done, we’ll position it back to its proper place using protective padding as necessary. We suggest that you remove all items off your furniture such as plants, electronics, doo-dads, and lamps. We’ll move the majority of furniture that safely can be moved. There are multiple items we won’t move, which include electronics, pianos, beds, china cabinets, pool tables, dressers with mirrors, etc.

How Long Is It Going to Take For The Carpet to Dry After A Cleaning?

Drying time is impacted by temperature, humidity, and airflow to the space. It might take from 8 to 24 hours for your carpet to fully dry, depending upon the variables mentioned above. Using a fan in any rooms that are cleaned and turning your heating or air conditioning system on, depending upon the time of year, will help to accelerate drying time. Make certain that you leave all protective blocks underneath furniture legs and all paper that is used with upholstered items in position until your furniture and/or carpet is 100% dry to avoid transfer of color. You can immediately walk on the carpet afterward, but don’t wear street shoes, because they might re-soil the carpet.

More questions? For more information on our carpet cleaning services in Paradise Valley, AZ, get in touch with one of our friendly service representatives at Northside Floor Care today! Call us for a FREE quote at (602) 799-6508.


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