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peoria az mapPeoria is in the Maricopa and Yavapai counties in Arizona. The majority of Peoria is situated in Maricopa County, whereby a part in the north is inside Yavapai County. It’s a major Phoenix suburb. The Peoria population was 190,985 according to the 2020 census.

Residents and businesses in Peoria, AZ count on Northside Floor Care for all of their carpet cleaning needs!

Peoria, AZ Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our process of carpet cleaning begins with our team arriving to your residence and conducting a pre-cleaning assessment. It helps us identify any problematic areas, and gives us an opportunity for you to meet the Northside Floor Care team.

After our pre-cleaning assessment is done, we’ll go to work by applying a pre-treatment deep into the fibers of your carpet. It helps to loosen dirt that might be embedded into the carpet fibers. The pre-treatment phase is followed up by a high-powered extraction, done to extract the cleaning solution and dirt.

Once the removal process is done, you can rest assured that we’ll offer a post-cleaning evaluation that assures that you’re 100% satisfied with our carpet cleaning work. We’ll leave you with a comfortable and soft feel, renewed and fresh smell, as well as a professional and deep clean that will last.

Peoria, AZ Commercial Carpet Cleaning

woman removing dirt on carpetYour place of business witnesses thousands of people enter the doors every week. While that might sound like a great thing for your company, it is not a good thing for your carpeting, because every visitor can track in grime, dust, and dirt. Do not risk a poor first impression with stained, messy carpeting. Instead, you should invest in commercial cleaning services in Peoria, AZ to keep your carpeting appearing its best, and your commercial premises smelling clean and fresh.

Carpets will collect deeply embedded soil, dirt, and dust particles gradually over time — so gradually that you and your staff members do not even notice the slow graying over time. However, first-time office visitors certainly will. That is why Northside Floor Care offers the commercial carpet cleaning that businesses depend on so they can keep their office spaces appearing clean.

Our commercial cleaning professionals use the most updated equipment made to extract every last spot of dust and dirt from the premises.

Our team has offered commercial cleaning to many Peoria, AZ retail stores, businesses, shopping malls, corporate offices, churches, and more. To better be of service to your business, we provide customized commercial carpet cleaning services that suit your precise needs.

Northside Floor Care is glad to provide quarterly, monthly, annual, and semi-annual cleaning packages to every one of our Peoria, AZ area customers. Our team believes that every detail counts when the time comes to make a good first impression; therefore, do not delay when you have to keep your place of business appearing its best. Fill out our easy online inquiry form here for a free estimate on all our commercial carpet cleaning packages in Peoria, AZ.

As aforementioned, your commercial premise witnesses hundreds, annorthside floor care google mapd occasionally thousands, of customers entering your office on a daily basis, meaning that grime and dirt will be trodden into the carpeting even more rapidly than in your house. As experienced experts, we know just how critical clean office premises are. Because after all, in business, you’ll only get one opportunity to make a positive impression – and ensuring that your carpet appears good and smells clean is important in making sure of that. When you get the carpets cleaned by a professional, on a consistent basis, you will be boosting office productivity and staff morale.

At Northside Floor Care we believe that every detail counts. That is why we only employ the most well-trained, experienced crew, and use modern machinery that is guaranteed to get rid of all types of deeply-ingrained dirt, soil, and dust particles from the carpet fibers. We’ve served hundreds of commercial businesses -corporate offices, retail premises, churches, shopping malls, and more. Plus, because we know that every customer is an individual, we provide customized packages for your unique needs, whether it be on a quarterly, monthly semi-annual, or annual basis.

Why Should You Choose Northside Floor Care in Peoria, AZ?

  • We’re a trustworthy, morally responsible company
  • We’re a small business, essentially the backbone of America
  • Our team provides quality work with affordable rates
  • We’re insured
  • We provide flexible appointment times, which include weekends
  • Satisfied customers – look at our positive reviews here
  • Our team uses products that are safe for pets, children, and the  environment
  • We employ friendly, experienced technicians
  • We have been in business for years, and we value every customer

Well-loved houses are lived-in houses. That rings particularly true for high-traffic spaces, like the bedrooms, playroom, and living room. For those generally carpeted spaces, finding the right carpet cleaning services in Peoria, AZ is crucial for a clean residential environment.

There are several advantages to cleaning your residential or commercial carpeting on a routine basis:

  • Routinely cleaned carpeting is easier to maintain, and effectively prolongs the life of your carpet, and saves you money down the line.
  • Regularly cleaning your carpet helps maintain its warranty. The majority of carpeting requires consistent maintenance as part of its warranty policy.
  • There isn’t any better than digging your feet into a clean, soft carpet. Consistent professional carpet cleanings ensure that your carpet is both soft to the touch and clean.

Clean carpeting aesthetically speaks for itself and is the foundation for any sparking, beautiful residence. However, it is not only about looks–there are several household health benefits to getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis:

  • Carpets may contain multiple indoor air pollutant sources, from dirt and dust to pet dander. Routinely cleaning your carpeting will eliminate unwanted household pollution.
  • Infestations of dust mites are a common but silent threat to homes with carpets. In routinely cleaning carpets, it is possible to rest assured that your household is free from dust mites.
  • When exposed to damp environments, dirty carpeting is at risk of mold development. Carpet cleaning eliminates the carpet fibers of dirt particles, which prevents mold from forming.

For details on our carpet cleaning services in Peoria, AZ, get in touch with one of our friendly service representatives at Northside Floor Care today! Call us for a FREE quote at (602) 799-6508.


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