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tempe arizona mapIf you need professional floor and carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ, Northside Floor Care has exactly what you need.  Our friendly technicians are certified and trained to offer top-notch floor and carpet cleaning services.  In conjunction with knowing what to do, our professionals have specially formulated cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your floors and carpet come out appearing immaculately spotless and clean.  Plus, you will not need to be concerned with harsh chemicals stirring up allergies.  All our cleaning products are eco-friendly and won’t harm you, your kids, your pets, or the planet.

One other amazing benefit of using Northside Floor Care is that our one-of-a-kind low moisture methods of carpet cleaning allow your carpeting to dry extremely quickly, in around an hour.  Therefore, you will not need to wait hours or days to resume your life and activities.  If our technicians clean your carpeting in the morning, it will be dry by noon.  It will be possible to get on with your family and life and your guests.  You will not need to wait days for the carpeting to dry, like with other carpet cleaners.

If you’re thinking this will cost more than other cleaning companies, you’re wrong!  Our prices are much less than the competition.  You’ll have clean carpeting, a fresh-smelling house, and money left inside your wallet after our technicians clean for you.  Plus, we do not just say it, we really mean it!  If a stain we cleaned returns, we’ll also return.  With our team’s 30-day guarantee, we’ll return and clean any stains that reappear within 30 days, guaranteed.  Therefore, why not contact Northside Floor Care today at (602) 799-6508 to arrange an annual carpet cleaning.  You’ll be happy that you chose Northside Floor Care for professional floor and carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ.  Your floors and carpets will look fantastic and your entire home will smell clean and fresh.  Call us right away at (602) 799-6508 for a FREE quote.

Why choose Northside Floor Care to clean your carpets?

carpet steam cleaningYou might be asking this question, or perhaps you just began to search for a company to come and clean the carpets in your office or home in the Tempe, AZ area. We at Northside Floor Care are available to help and our technicians wish to make the process of having your carpeting cleaned as pleasant, affordable, and easy as possible. Here’s what our team offers to make the whole carpet cleaning experience simple!

Experience the Northside Floor Care Difference

Professional and friendly customer service – From the moment you get in touch with our office to the minute we leave your office or home, our goal includes making you happy! Our team strives to live up to our name each time we clean. That is precisely why our customers keep coming back and always leave us 5-star reviews. Look at some of our reviews here.

Dry in One Hour Cleaning! Our low-moisture, unique carpet cleaning procedure will fully clean your carpeting and it’ll be dry in around an hour! Our team wants you to have the ability to return to what’s important to you as fast as possible. Therefore, when you get in touch with Northside Floor Care, you won’t need to wait hours or days for your carpeting to dry, it’ll dry quickly!

We Will Move The Majority Of Furniture – Before even starting to clean, we’ll move the majority of your furniture, except for any large items such as entertainment centers, hutches, and bookcases.

northside floor care mapCommercial Vacuuming – We’ll always vacuum before cleaning! And why is that? Because if you do not vacuum, you’ll wind up turning dry dust and dirt into mud. So, we use the best commercial vacuums in the marketplace to pick up as much dry dirt as we can before even starting to clean.

30-Day Guarantee – With such an excellent bargain, you might be wondering, “What’s the catch?” The truth of the matter is that there isn’t any catch. That’s why all our carpet cleanings will come with a 30-day guarantee. And like we said before, if a stain that we cleaned returns, we’ll return!

Pre-Spotter and Pre-Spray – Pre-spotter and pre-spray is included in our cleaning price, so we’ll always pre-spray. Our team uses a fast-acting product. The reason it’s fast-acting is that it instantly begins to break down grime and dirt that’s set in your carpeting.

Thoroughly Clean Carpeting – When our team cleans your carpeting, you’ll know that we cleaned your carpeting. Our solutions and cleaning processes work very well at getting out the worst stains and spots.

Citrus-based, All-natural Cleaners – Our team’s carpet cleaning solutions are all-natural citrus-based cleaners. They not only smell fresh, but they work amazingly! And they’re safe for you, the members of your family, your pets, as well as the planet.

Free Deodorizer – Everything aforementioned is included in our carpet cleaning. Plus, if that isn’t enough, we’ll also provide our FREE deodorizer. At Northside Floor Care you don’t need to pay extra money for deodorizer, as it’s always included in our cleaning.

Grooming – After finishing the carpet cleaning, we’ll rake them to stand the carpet fibers back up. It will help your carpet to dry more quickly, in roughly one hour!

Affordable Rates – You’ve now seen the multiple steps that we go through to get carpets cleaned thoroughly, and you might be thinking it must be expensive. Think again! Our carpet cleaning special includes everything that is mentioned above.

Carpet Cleaning Services for All of the Residents of Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Mesa, Sun City, Avondale, and All Surrounding Arizona Areas

As you can plainly see, Northside Floor Care does not cut any corners, we’ll clean them instead! Plus, we’d love to clean your carpets for you! Why not call us right away at (602) 799-6508 to arrange a carpet cleaning?

For information on our carpet cleaning services in Tempe, AZ, get in touch with one of our friendly service representatives at Northside Floor Care today! Call us for a FREE quote at (602) 799-6508.


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