Tempe AZ

complete cleaning equipmentNorthside Floor Care is an insured and certified provider for all your office and home cleaning needs. Our team believes in offering our clients the best value for their hard-earned money. Our team strives to maintain the highest service level.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have the desire to bring out your carpeting’s original colors, clean them and keep them free of dirt. Call on Northside Floor Care in Tempe, AZ to give you the most complete carpet cleaning services.

Eco-green Cleaning

As our culture works to become increasingly greener, Northside Floor Care has dedicated itself to offering all of our clientele safe and eco-green cleaning services. Our eco-green cleaning services use eco-friendly products while striving to decrease contaminants which pollute the earth.

Housekeeping Services

Did you have any idea that office desks have over 400 times the quantity of germs as a toilet, germs which contribute to American employees taking an average of 7 sick days a year? That figure may be reduced by incorporating an office cleaning plan which keeps germs from spreading. It is time that you protect your employees and decrease the quantity of days that are missed because of illness.

Odor Removal

Whether it be the constant tracking of outside debris onto furniture and carpets, tissue and hair overload or merely feces, urine, and odors, Northside Floor Care has what’s needed to get your office or home back to a healthy state for everyone involved.

Natural Stone Cleaning

A lot of cleaners have what’s referred to as a cleaning agent in them. That agent breaks down then dissolves minerals in hard water. All stone comprises minerals, so those kinds of cleaners dissolve and lead to streaks over extended use. Contact us right away to figure out the proper one for your flooring.

Stain Protection and Removal

In most cases it will take a skilled professional to clean deep-set urine stains. Chair crevices and couch cushions are particularly prone to damage as they’re sought out by some pets as an appropriate place. As those spaces are more difficult to see into, we might overlook them while evaluating damage. When a stain is lifted, there might be a temporary increase in smell as the odor is removed from the carpeting and into the atmosphere indoors. It’s a necessary measure that has to be taken to completely extract the stain.  Here at Northside Floor Care we’d like to take care of those problems for you in order for you to enjoy the entirety of your house once again. ​​​

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Northside Floor Care uses high-powered solutions and equipment made to clean and remove odors and stains from tile and grout.

Upholstery Cleaning

Over a period of time, messes and spills happen, be it that birthday party that got a bit out of hand or your pet’s love of being on the sofa. We at Northside Floor Care are there for you as we have years of upholstery cleaning experience.

For more information on any of our services please feel free to contact Northside Floor Care in Tempe, AZ today at (602) 799-6508.