How Frequently Should You Have Your Daycare Professionally Cleaned?

desk disinfection

Regularly sanitizing and cleaning a daycare center is the most critical measure in decreasing protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. A daycare setting might be the breeding ground for germs if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Contact Northside Floor Care now to avail our housekeeping services, Phoenix AZ. Get in touch with us and call us at (602)…

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Kinds of Stone Flooring

granite tiles

Cleaning natural stone surfaces and floors will require knowledge of the precise kind of surface or stone needing to be cleaned, as well as the cleaning methods and products appropriate for use. When finished cleaning the secret includes thoroughly rinsing away all of the dirt, soap and additional cleaners to avoid sticky surface buildup. If…

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Tips to Eliminate Odor in Facilities and Homes

odor disinfection

No matter how much you clean, your place of business will continuously have a problem with odor if you do not eliminate the source of the odor. Below is a list of some tips to remember while you’re attempting to fight unwanted odors: • Respond as fast as you can to general smells. The longer…

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Survey: Commercial Cleaning No Longer A Luxury – Now a Necessity

professionally sanitized and cleaned

Every day an increasing amount of people are becoming vaccinated and going back to restaurants, the office, airports, and retail stores. They’re doing that with new cleaning habits and standards formed within the global pandemic. People now are more alert than ever of the effect of germs and how sanitizing and cleaning may assist in…

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How to Keep your Daycare Free of Diseases

carpet disinfection

Is it possible to have a disease and germ-free preschool or daycare center? Not likely. But there are steps that you, your preschool or daycare center, and even your child may take to limit the spread of germs. For more inquiries on commercial cleaning and disinfection, contact Northside Floor Care today at (602) 799-650! Ways…

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