The Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Northside Floor Care offers a large variety of services beyond simply carpet cleaning.  One of the more popular services we offer is tile and grout cleaning. man cleaning tile and grout

You may be wondering about the advantages, and we assure you that they are plentiful.  Much like carpet, tile and grout can get dirt, grime, mold and bacteria which can destroy the grout and tile.

It is common for people to think, “I can watch a few videos, find a DIY place to get cleaning equipment and clean my tile and grout by myself.”

This is a terrible idea on a good many levels.  The worst thing that can happen is you will destroy your home tile and grout, and this can be a very expensive mistake.

Northside Floor Cleaning has four solid things that you should not do when it comes to your tile and grout.

  1. Dirty water and colored cleaning solutions – We would think that you regularly mop and wipe down your tile. However, dirty water is no better than not cleaning your tile at all.  Tile and grout are porous and will soak in water and grime from the water.  Colored cleaning agents can stain tile and grout as well.


  1. Muriatic acid – Muriatic acid is powerful cleaning agent used in pools and industrial cleaning. The acid is also highly dangerous and requires proper protection before using it.  It should be obvious by now – muriatic acid is dangerous to tile and grout.


  1. Vinegar – Another acid, vinegar has a large homeopathic following and does have a large number of positive uses in and around the home for cleaning. Vinegar is an acid.  Acids, no matter how diluted, will eventually eat through your grout.  Straight vinegar will strip the upper layers of grout.  This will necessitate replacing the grout not too long after.


  1. Bleach – Everyone knows about the sheer power of bleach when it comes to cleaning. Bleach will discolor grout and tile much more quickly than the other cleaning choices in this blog.  Do not use bleach at all.

Northside Floor Care has the perfect tile and grout cleaning solutions for you and your home.  We have the necessary training and tools to clean your tile and grout correctly and is easy to add into one of your other services we offer.

Contact us today when you are ready to add tile and grout cleaning to your regularly scheduled services.

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