Are Your Carpets Clean?

Summer is in full swing, and the team at Northside Floor Care are making sure to stay well hydrated and get out of the sun as much as we can.  We appreciate you, your visits to our blog and you allowing us the opportunity to come to your home for regularly, scheduled carpet cleaning. carpet cleaning in progress

This month we have a question for you.  It is a very serious question as well.

How can you be sure your carpet is clean?

It may seem silly that a professional carpet cleaning service would ask this, but it is an important question to ask.  We take this very seriously when a new customer asks us this.  We want to provide a blog to show you how we are 100 percent sure your carpets are cleaned and cleaned well.

Firstly, recognize the carpet cleaning Northside Floor Care does is not a single step process.  We do much more than that when it comes to cleaning your carpets.  Specifically, we:

  1. Vacuum – We vacuum with commercial grade, professional vacuums that get more dirt and grime than your standard model. The systems we use also agitate fibers of the carpet, breaking difficult grime and dirt loose for the remainder of the cleaning procedure.
  2. Pre-treat – We have environmentally safe cleaning solutions we use on the carpets. These work to further break the dirt and grime before cleaning.
  3. Neutralize – The pre-treatment gets neutralized with a second solution and allowed to sit briefly.
  4. Cleaning – Now we actually use our cleaning system to clean your carpets completely. We pull almost 100 percent of the dirt, grime and other materials from deep within the carpet from the subfloor.  This way you can be sure the floors are well-cleaned.
  5. Dry – We can use our air drying equipment to dry your carpets completely or allow the carpet to air dry. Remember that allowing carpet to air dry will take upwards of four to six hours before walking across the carpet is safe.

Northside Floor Care takes care of your carpet like it were our own.  Contact us when you need your carpets cleaned professionally.  We will work you onto our regular schedule of customers.  Your carpets will stay clean and last for a considerable time with our care.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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