Get Professional Removal of Carpet Stains

professional carpet cleanerStain removal is all about having the proper chemicals to treat the unique kind of stain and the proper processes to make sure that the treatment is properly done. We at Northside Floor Care conveniently use both.

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Let’s be truthful, stains happen. Unfortunately, once stains happen, they’re usually treated using a store bought chemical that isn’t designed to remove the stain. Most times, the outcome is permanent stains of carpet fibers.

There’s another way. All the professionals at Northside Floor Care correctly treat stains using products specific to the kind of discoloration you have, followed up by a deep steam cleaning.

The superior equipment, processes, and product we use results in the best opportunities of stains being significantly reduced, or fully removed.

Do not live with carpet stains. Contact us today and we’ll get them out, the proper way.

Stains Northside Floor Care Remove

Red Juices and Red Wine

Red juice and red wine stains are difficult to remove using store bought cleaners. Our products are able to completely eliminate the red pigment.


If you are a coffee enthusiast, odds are good that you’ve spilled a time, or two. No worries! We’re able to also get that out of upholstery and carpet.

Tar, Oil and Grease

Tar, oil, and grease are difficult to remove, yet conquerable with the proper cleaning products blended with intense heat from our truck-mounted cleaning unit.

Biological Material and Blood

Blood and additional biological materials are broken down using solvents then taken from the carpet’s fibers, which leaves nothing but a clean carpet patch.

Our friendly techs believe that they’re there to serve you. They approach all carpet cleaning jobs with the aim of doing it correctly, and impressing you with their experience.

Our techs use our advanced cleaning equipment on all jobs. Using the most recent steam cleaning technology enables us to leave your carpet fibers cleaner than ever.

We don’t skip steps, or cut any corners. Our proven cleaning process generates incredible results and satisfied customers. It is what you deserve and what we’re about.

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