How Frequently Should You Have Your Daycare Professionally Cleaned?

desk disinfectionRegularly sanitizing and cleaning a daycare center is the most critical measure in decreasing protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. A daycare setting might be the breeding ground for germs if it isn’t cleaned regularly.

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Kids are more likely to reach contaminated surfaces, like toys they place inside their mouths, cot rails, food utensils, plates, and cups. Additional surfaces might also be highly contaminated with germs like diaper-changing areas and toilets.

Frequency of Cleaning in a Daycare Center

Mats and carpets must be steam cleaned every 6 months and vacuumed daily. Curtains must be cleaned whenever they appear dirty and routinely washed every 6 months. The area in the kitchen in a daycare center must be cleaned weekly and fully washed on an annual basis.

Kitchen cupboards must always be visibly washed and cleaned one or two times every 6 months with detergents and hot water. And the same goes for food preparation spaces like benches or tables.

Areas like food tables must be disinfected and cleaned after and before every meal and in between the preparation of raw and cooked foods.

Additional kitchen surfaces like floors, sinks, and cabinet handles must be disinfected and cleaned one or two times a day or more if the space was soiled.

Consequences of Unclean Daycare Centers

Every daycare center should take actions to control the spread of infectious diseases that involves cleaning bodily fluids like coughing and sneezing, taking care of personal hygiene, and staying vigilant about the center’s overall degree of cleanliness.

The consequences of not following the correct cleaning guidelines, particularly in a childcare setting, might be life-threatening, since diseases easily can transfer from child to child. Infections might be as simplistic as a cold or as dangerous as asthma.

In some instances, unclean daycare facilities may lead to spreading and causing diseases like food-borne illnesses such as Diphtheria, Salmonella, hepatitis A, B, & C, giardiasis, German measles (rubella), measles, viral or bacterial meningitis.

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