How to Keep your Daycare Free of Diseases

carpet disinfectionIs it possible to have a disease and germ-free preschool or daycare center? Not likely. But there are steps that you, your preschool or daycare center, and even your child may take to limit the spread of germs.

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Ways to Limit the Spread of Germs

Here are some simplistic precautions that your daycare center may implement to keep your children infection-free.

• Wash hands frequently. Hand washing isn’t just critical for the kids, yet also for the caregivers. Research has shown that correct hand washing is likely the best way to restrict the spread of germs in childcare facilities.
• Clean pottie and diapering stations. Roll-out, foot-activated garbage pails for diapers are good for decreasing the transfer of infectious germs on hands. The use of good sanitation of diapering spaces and disposable latex gloves also are vital methods of preventing infections that may cause intestinal and stomach diseases, which includes diarrhea. Diaper spaces must be cleaned using a diluted bleach solution.
• Correct food storage. Be certain food storage spaces are clean, and foods and breast milk that may spoil at room temperature are put into the refrigerator.
• Correct food preparation. Damaged, cracked, or porous surfaces may offer microbes safe places to hide out. Be certain that tables or counters for food prep are in good condition and nonporous. Keep countertops clean. Do not allow children to share utensils, drinks, or foods. Food preparation shouldn’t be performed close to diaper changing spaces.
• Caregiver training. Be certain caregivers have been correctly trained on hygienic practices for restricting the spread of infectious diseases. Just having knowledge of how diseases get spread and which ones to watch for may be a big asset in preventing infection.

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