How to Select the Proper Grout Color?

tile and grout cleaningWhen selecting the proper grout color, you must remember a few factors. Thankfully, those factors stay the same for any additional color you want to put in a certain space. If you have any experience or knowledge with interior design, the below tips ought to be easy to follow.

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If you pick the proper grout color, it’s possible to make the bathroom feel larger

For example, if there are white tiles, using white grout is bound to give them a smooth transition. That smooth transition tricks the eye into viewing the bathroom tiles as a single ongoing space. This type of effect provides the bathroom a sense of being bigger than it actually is.

Add patterns

One other method of making the bathroom feel larger through grout color includes choosing the contrasting color of the tiles. That, as it turns out, will create an increased pattern effect, also helping to make the space feel larger. The concept behind that is that by increasing the contrast, it’ll make the tile patterns stand out a little more. Plus, because they’ll stand out, they’ll naturally draw the viewer’s attention. It’s vital because the more attention something draws, the larger the brain perceives it to be. So, it isn’t hard to see why having patterns with grout is a good idea.

Warm vs cool undertones

This trick works; however, it must be in line with the remainder of the bathroom. It’d help if you gave consideration to the undertones in the bathroom. Are there warm undertones that provide the bathroom a sense of warmth and coziness? Or are there cool undertones that provide the bathroom a sense of freshness and openness? If you have cool undertones, you must continue to use cool colors for the grout. Gray, blue and different variations of those are great options, and they assist your bathroom in feeling fresher and more open. Similarly, if there are warm undertones, we’d suggest that you choose grout that has a fairly warm shade. This way, it’s possible to enhance the overall feeling of the bathroom.

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