How Well Are You Vacuuming Your Home?

VacuumingIf your house has carpeting, odds are good that you’ve used a vacuum before; however, did you have any idea that you may be using it incorrectly? Check out the following tips to ensure that you’re receiving the most out of your own vacuum!

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Before even touching the vacuum, clear out the room you plan to clean. That includes picking up larger items, moving furniture, as well as scanning for smaller items that may hide in your carpet. This measure is especially critical, because jewelry, paper clips, and other small things are easy to miss, yet they may wreak havoc on the vacuum cleaner.

Step two involves dusting the furniture, shelves, and ledges inside the room you plan on vacuuming. No matter how great your duster is, it cannot trap everything, and you inevitably will stir some of these particles into the atmosphere. These dust particles get trapped in the carpet, and dusting before vacuuming ensures that dust mites and dust will not have any place to hide.

When you begin to vacuum, it’s vital that you vacuum against the nap, in order for the carpet strands to straighten up. Go over every space twice then run your vacuum in the opposite direction for the exact same amount of time. Vacuuming in all directions means dirt cannot hide.

It’s tempting to run the vacuum over the carpet as fast as you can and move forward with your day; however, the vacuum requires time to do its job. Move slowly when you vacuum, and travel over spots at least twice. It’ll ensure that you receive the most out of every use of the vacuum.

To ensure that the vacuum works as efficiently as it can, be certain that it does not fill up. If the vacuum uses bags, be certain that they’re regularly replaced. If not, empty out the canister as frequently as you can, to maximize the quantity of suction the vacuum has.

Because vacuuming is not always enough, industry specialists suggest that homeowners clean their carpeting every 3 to 6 months. Let Northside Floor Care keep your house as healthy as possible, in order for you to concentrate on what really matters!

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