Kinds of Stone Flooring

granite tilesCleaning natural stone surfaces and floors will require knowledge of the precise kind of surface or stone needing to be cleaned, as well as the cleaning methods and products appropriate for use. When finished cleaning the secret includes thoroughly rinsing away all of the dirt, soap and additional cleaners to avoid sticky surface buildup. If it is not done it’ll just attract more dirt and particles and ultimately turn your shiny, beautiful floor or surface into something dingy and dull. Here are the different types of stone flooring:

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This has a more uniform look than the majority of other natural stones. Terrazzo is actually designed of a mix of Portland cement that has marble chips. Terrazzo comes in tiles or even may be poured onto slab.


This is very hard and not as porous as additional stones, so granite makes the perfect countertop. It isn’t especially sensitive to acid, yet cannot tolerate use of cleaners that contain chelating agents.


This is softer and more porous than the majority of stones. It easily can be scratched; therefore, it must gently be cleaned. Marble is sensitive to anything acidic, which includes foods such as soda and citrus fruits.


This is actually limestone which has been made by a hot spring. The water movement eroded the stone and made small holes of various sizes.


This is a fine-grained metamorphic stone that is perfect for floors. Slate is typically found in dark green, dark gray, or black. Even though slate isn’t sensitive to acid it may be damaged by any household cleaner that contains chelating agents.


Like marble, limestone is extremely sensitive to anything acidic and all products that contain chelating agents. Limestone is notorious for having variations in hardness and there might be fossil imprints that are visible on its surface.

Northside Floor Care utilizes a special deep cleaning system that consists of a soft rotary brush that avoids scratching the natural stone. It’s mixed with a process of low-pressure rinsing that simultaneously vacuums the rinse water. We’ll use that method on limestone, travertine, marble, slate, and granite floors. Oftentimes we are rinsing away years of soap and grime buildup. Our suggestion includes having all natural stone floors deep cleaned on an annual basis. Contact us for a free quote and consultation in Phoenix, AZ at (602) 799-6508.

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