Should Your Marble Be Sealed?

marble floor tilesThere’s an easy technique to figure out whether your natural stone surfaces should be resealed. This technique is called the water test. It’s an easy and fast method of checking the existing seal on your natural stone floors, countertops, and additional surfaces.

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All you’ll have to do is apply a tiny bit of water, 4 to 5 drops, onto some different parts of the natural stone. It’s vital that you test several areas, particularly the area getting the most wear and tear. For example, if you’re testing the kitchen countertop, check the space you spend the majority of time cleaning and preparing food.

Once you’ve applied the water to the natural stone, you’ll have to wait around 30 minutes to check how the stone deals with the moisture. If the dampness becomes absorbed into the natural stone, you’ll see that the surface has darkened within the area the water, at one time, was. If you see that the water has completely absorbed before thirty minutes, it’s a sign that the seal isn’t strong.

You’ll want to act rapidly to preserve and protect the natural stone surface by sealing it. The pros at Northside Floor Care work with a broad array of natural stone, in several different applications. We know the importance of safeguarding natural stone from moisture and have the desire to help business and home owners keep their limestone, travertine, marble, granite and additional natural stone surfaces appearing fantastic for as long as they can.

But if after you do the water test you see the moisture hasn’t been absorbed into the natural stone, that means the seal is still strong and is serving as protection against moisture and other possibly harmful materials. Be certain you’re regularly checking the surfaces to keep them safe.

Once you have sealed the granite counters, you’ll want to carefully observe the cleaning agents you use. Nothing corrosive or acidic should ever be utilized to clean the stone because it’ll destroy the seal and may lead to severe damage for the stone.

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