Survey: Commercial Cleaning No Longer A Luxury – Now a Necessity

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Every day an increasing amount of people are becoming vaccinated and going back to restaurants, the office, airports, and retail stores. They’re doing that with new cleaning habits and standards formed within the global pandemic. People now are more alert than ever of the effect of germs and how sanitizing and cleaning may assist in preventing the spread of diseases. A national survey published by experts uncovers just how germ-conscious folks are as they head back into the world.

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This survey of 521 women and men asked about general habit change, concern with germs going forward, and how frequently they want to see their office space professionally sanitized and cleaned.

Here are some key answers and questions introduced in the survey.

Employees Want To See Clean Offices

Even once vaccinated, would you think about asking to work from home if you thought your job was not taking cleaning and  seriously?

• No: 25.1 percent
• Yes: 74.9 percent

How frequently do you expecdisinfectiont your job to be sanitized and cleaned?

• Do not care: 1.9 percent
• Unsure: 4.2 percent
• Only after somebody has been ill: 3.8 percent
• 1 – 2 times per week: 24 percent
• Every workday: 66.6 percent

Commercial Cleaning Should Be Mandatory

Even as our country becomes vaccinated, are you at all worried about the sanitizing and cleaning at businesses you frequent?

• No: 10.2 percent
• Yes: 89.8 percent

After being vaccinated, will you still expect companies you frequent to put a strong emphasis on sanitizing and cleaning?

• No: 6.3 percent
• Yes: 93.7 percent

After being vaccinated, are you going to ask a company you frequent about their sanitization and cleaning practices?

• No: 23.6 percent
• Yes: 76.4 percent

After being vaccinated, are you going to want to be confident about correct sanitizing and cleaning at the workplace before returning to work?

• No: 7.3 percent
• Yes: 92.7 percent

Do you discover yourself more closely assessing the cleanliness of businesses you frequent since this virus started?

• No: 12.5 percent
• Yes: 87.5 percent

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