What Professional Cleaning Services Can Do for Your Home?

carpet cleaning professionalNorthside Floor Care offers house cleaning services among our other great services.  If you have never considered a professional house cleaning service, here are the great reasons why you should consider.

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 You have a life, work and family.  By the time you get home from work after kids’ activities, cook a meal and start the evening’s steps to prepare for bed and the next day, there is not a great deal of time left over for cleaning.

You have the weekend – or do you?  The weekend is often full of family time and family activities.  Would you rather be cleaning the house, or spending time with family?

Northside Floor Care works when you are working.  We can come to your home and do the cleaning while you are at work.  Do not worry, either.  Our employees are vetted, insured and bonded.  Your home is perfectly safe in our care.


 You have a decent vacuum cleaner likely bought at a big box store or online.  These are great for occasional cleaning, but for deep cleaning, you need professional gear.  We have that professional gear.  We bring it into the home and take it with us when done.  Easy.

Peace of mind

Coming home to a clean house and knowing that you have one less thing to do is such a pleasant thought.  Everything from clean floors to freshly changed bed sheets – all done for you.

These are only just three of the many reasons we have for having professional cleaning services.  If you would like more information or have us come by for a quote on services, let us know.  We look forward to working with you in the new year.

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