What to Know About the New Strain of Coronavirus?

A new coronavirus strain which emerged in the UK in September of 2020 has been identified within the US as of December 28th, 2020. Thus far, 33 countries have detected the new strain, referred to as B.1.1.7. According to the CDC, the new variant SAR-CoV-2 strain is expected to be more contagious than additional coronavirus strains. At present, there isn’t any proof that the new coronavirus strain causes more serious illness or a greater risk of death. Researchers are working to collect information to better understand the spread of the new strain.

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How the virus has mutated

The new strain mutations seem to impact the spike proteins upon the exterior SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus covering. Those spike proteins make it simpler for the coronavirus to adhere to human cells inside the nose and invade the human body. It has the ability to adhere to the receptors on cells better, and thereby is transmitted better, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease specialist.

How to slow the spread

Taking serious virus precautions continually is a vital safety step in 2021. That includes wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and using good hand-washing hygiene. Infectious disease specialists explain that the coronavirus will continually mutate so long as individuals are infected. You should partner with expert disinfection specialists to assist in keeping you, as well as your business safe.

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