What’s the Difference Between Regular Carpet Cleaning and Green Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning ServicesThis might shock you, but the solvents and soaps used with traditional carpet cleaning techniques actually are hard to remove from the fibers of carpeting. Even after repeated rinses using a high-volume of warm water, a sticky residue remains in your carpet.

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Green carpet cleaning techniques use highly effective water-based solutions which may be completely removed during the process of cleaning. There isn’t any sticky residue left behind that attracts dirt; therefore, the carpet will remain clean longer and feel soft.

Effect on You and Your Loved Ones

Because regular carpet cleaning techniques use powerful and harsh chemicals, direct contact might cause skin irritation to pets and humans. Plus, lingering fumes may lead to respiratory ailments, dizziness, and headaches. Also, those harsh chemicals require an extended water rinse that may saturate the pad and carpet, which leads to bacteria growth and long drying times.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods don’t use harmful chemicals. Instead, the cleansers are safe for pets and humans and are hypo-allergenic. There aren’t any harmful fumes and the cleaning solution and dirt may be thoroughly and quickly removed, preventing saturation and allowing for fast drying times.

Effect on Environment

Besides the possible health concerns that regular cleaning chemicals might have on you and your loved ones, they also can harm our environment. When a regular cleaning job is done, what will the tech do with the chemicals she or he just used on the carpet? Will they be correctly neutralized and transported or simply poured down the drain? Will they ultimately seep into the soil or wind up polluting groundwater and local streams? Those are vital concerns…after all, we are discussing toxic substances.

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods use earth-friendly, natural solutions – and not toxic chemicals. You don’t need to be concerned with harmful consequences because the water-based solutions are 100% bio-degradable and safe for our environment.

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