Why Do Carpet Spots Keep Returning?

Carpet CleanerHave you ever given consideration to why spots come back after you have the carpet cleaned? There are a couple of reasons spots come back:


Most times, the spot that’s being removed seeped into the carpet’s backing. It’s common with beverages, pet urine, and all things that are spilled in “volume”. The material will dry in the carpet’s cushion pad and backing. When the spot gets cleaned, only the material in the carpet “pile” gets removed. But moisture is introduced into the carpet’s backing. As the stain dries, the material that’s in the carpet’s backing “wicks” back into the carpet’s pile much like a candle wick.

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Even traffic space soil that’s embedded may wick back. It’s particularly common in glue down carpet that’s heavily impacted by soil. Once the carpet gets cleaned, it’ll look good. Once it dries, the traffic areas and spots return.

Here’s the good news: if a spot wicks back, it may be removed. When you get the carpet professionally cleaned, make certain that you point spots out which have wicked back in the past, in order for them to be properly treated.


Re-soiling gets caused by a sticky residue which was left behind. This residue might be from the cleaner that was used, the spot itself, or both. Some typical causes of residue include over-the-counter carpet cleaners bought at a grocery store. Don’t use those cleaners. If you must use one of those cleaners, or you must use dishwashing detergent, utilize as little as possible and thoroughly rinse with water.

Additional causes of residue would be oily spots. Lotions, body oils, duct tape residue, etc. If all the oily residue isn’t removed, it’ll attract soil when the carpet gets walked on. Even high-quality professional cleaning might not remove all of the oily residue the first time.

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