Why Should You Have Furniture Professionally Cleaned?

stain free living roomA lot of our potential customers have questions about upholstery cleaning, so the team at Northside Floor Care put together this helpful guide to our most commonly asked questions:

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How does upholstery cleaning differ from carpet cleaning?

There are big differences in how furnishings and carpets are cleaned. For upholstery fabric, it’s vital not to use an excessive amount of water, since it may cause mold or bacteria to grow, bring out nasty odors and cause the upholstery fabric to become soiled more rapidly down the line. Depending on the particular kind of fabric, an overabundance of water in the process of cleaning might even damage it. Generally, upholstery requires gentler handling and certain cleaning techniques according to the fabric.

Why is it essential to have furniture professionally cleaned?

Over a period of time, dust, dirt, pet dander, and other possible harmful toxins may become lodged in upholstery fabric, possibly leading to allergies and respiratory problems. Elderly individuals, children, and household pets may especially be vulnerable to these kinds of substances. A professional fabric cleaning is much more thorough than what it’s possible to do on your own. Not just will the furniture smell and look better — it’ll also be a lot healthier and more enjoyable to use.

Can Northside Floor Care eliminate pet odors and stains from upholstery?

Yes! Like we do with carpet cleaning, we will completely clean your upholstery so it is fresh and clean. We have over 10 years of experience; therefore, our professional techs know how to take care of specialty materials like leather, chenille, silk brocades, and boucle. For households that have pets or children, routine expert upholstery cleaning is suggested. There might be lots of pet dander and fur in the fabrics, possibly causing allergic reactions, and pets and children might unknowingly transfer molds and additional toxins from the outside, which also could pose health problems.

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