How to Keep your Daycare Free of Diseases

carpet disinfection

Is it possible to have a disease and germ-free preschool or daycare center? Not likely. But there are steps that you, your preschool or daycare center, and even your child may take to limit the spread of germs. For more inquiries on commercial cleaning and disinfection, contact Northside Floor Care today at (602) 799-650! Ways…

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Benefits of Stain Protection for your Upholstery and Carpets

stain free living room

New carpets and upholstery not just look fantastic, yet they also repel fluids and spills, keeping them smelling fresh and looking clean. Those items have the ability to repel stains because of stain protectors which wear off over a period of time. Thankfully, it is possible to bring back that new appearance thanks to stain…

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Benefits of Eco Green Carpet Cleaning


If you have carpeting in your house, you’ll have to get it cleaned at some point. But some cleaning products on the market contain harsh chemicals which may be harmful to your pets and family. Whether you’ll be doing the project yourself or hire a carpet cleaning company, you ought to seek cleaning methods that…

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What to Know About the New Strain of Coronavirus?

corona virus strand

A new coronavirus strain which emerged in the UK in September of 2020 has been identified within the US as of December 28th, 2020. Thus far, 33 countries have detected the new strain, referred to as B.1.1.7. According to the CDC, the new variant SAR-CoV-2 strain is expected to be more contagious than additional coronavirus…

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Is Natural Stone Flooring Sensitive?

cleaned natural stone

Natural stone is a highly sought-after material option that’s utilized in many businesses and homes all throughout the world. It’s because not just is natural stone an amazing material, it also is highly versatile and is available in several different variations and may be utilized for a broad array of applications. From outdoor and indoor…

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